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Where no dog or problem is too big or too small

The aim of Steadfast Poodles is to create calm, reliable, sound service dogs. Of course, not every puppy out of every litter is the same. On our journey to create a great service animal, we are producing a variety of puppies including show dogs, performance prospects, dogs suited for a variety of service work, and also pets for a wide array of households. Please reach out so we can help you find the puppy that’s perfect for you.

Our dogs are health tested to OFA CHIC standards.

Need help with training? Check out our training services!

If you aren’t having a great time, you are missing the point of owning a dog, and we want to help!

Our aim is to assist you in achieving your ideal relationship with your dog, and to unleash their potential with as little time and trouble as necessary.

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Loyal and Loving

Family and performance poodles

Dealing with dogs is an individual journey, and every dog will have its day. We won’t give you a puppy that won’t offer what you want in a dog. We will fit a dog to match your family and lifestyle, as we want to ensure a positive experience for your family AND our puppies. Dogs are a long term committment and we want to set you up for success from the start! Have questions? Please feel free to drop us a line!

  • Our dogs meet OFA CHIC standards
  • Champion show lines
  • CKC registered
  • 20+ years training dogs and welping litters

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