CH Arreau’s Forever Came Today NTD

Born Oct 7 2019


Diana is about the sweetest most biddable girl I’ve ever lived with. She always does her absolute best to please me. Generally indifferent to people she doesn’t know, she’s easy to take anywhere and always up up for any adventure so long as she’s with her peeps. Di loves her toys and is happy to play alone if she can’t convince anyone to join in. She’s lovely with other dogs, confident but never confrontational. She much prefers to spend her time with humans than dogs if given the choice. I like to say she’s got two speeds: pounce and cuddle. For all of her busy drive, she’s very easy to live with, smart as a whip and learns anything I want her to very quickly. I was blessed to receive Diana when the person she was living with had health problems and she needed a new placement. Cherie Perks, her breeder reached out to me and offered her to me as a co own. I’d originally planned to put this girl with a guardian home but, once she’d been with me for a very short time it was clear this special girly wasn’t going anywhere.

Diana is co-owned by Caroline Hilliard of Steadfast Dogs and Cherie Perks of Arreau Red Standard Poodles.

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Please contact us if you are interested one of Diana’s puppies.